We Develop Sustainable Urban Systems for a Changing World

Our mission is to create environments that use resources better, maintain biodiversity, and offer excellent quality of life, for us and future generations.

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Our work has six overarching themes. They cover what we focus on and where our experience lies.

  • Resilient Environments

    We design environments with foresight that are able to prevent and recover from difficulties, are respectful of land use, and are economically viable.

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  • Livable Neighbourhoods

    Cities should accommodate flexible uses and the unexpected. Flexible urban design enhances the quality of life and boosts local economies by supporting diverse activities and public spaces.

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  • Cities for Everyone

    Spatial planning shapes society. Simple, inclusive planning approaches spark sustainable projects, and spatial diversity enriches urban life.

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  • Shared Knowledge

    We love to develop ideas together with our clients. We do not just deliver plans, but also transfer the knowledge on how to use and implement them.

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  • Digital Urbanism

    We harness data and technology to craft people-centred smart cities, integrating data-driven design, simulations, and digital engagement in our planning process.

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  • Implementation Strategies

    Making plans is easier than seeing them through. We know the importance of respecting local contexts and addressing their unique issues. This results in projects that make sense and are future proof.

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Our Clients and Projects Span the Globe

We partner with decision-makers in some of the most interesting locations in the world.


Our designs are based on rational and collaborative decision-making to deliver solutions that stand the test of time.

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