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TSPA in Kocaeli YPP Workshop, ‘Change for Resilience. Resilience for Change’


14 April 2022




Last March, our colleague Alessandra Sammartino was one of the coordinators of the Kocaeli YPP Workshop, ‘Change for Resilience. Resilience for Change’ – organized by ISOCARP Institute, Centre for Urban Excellence in collaboration with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality  and Marmara Municipalities Union.

The workshop, held in Kocaeli, Turkey, included the participation of 25 talented young professionals from 15 countries from all over the world, from Colombia to Mongolia, from Botswana to Germany. Participants discussed the concept of resilience through a transformation of urban public space, which can become a critical tool for a resilient city and society.

Our colleague Alessandra represented TSPA and ISOCARP and co-coordinated the workshop with: Zeynep Gunay – ISOCARP Board Member and Director Young Planning Professionals Programmes, Hanna Obracht-Prondzynska (University of Gdańsk) – ISOCARP Expert, International Coordinator, Gorsev Argin and Ezgi Kucuk Caliskan (Marmara Municipalities Union) – Local Coordinators, Rahmi Tümpalay and Fatih Durmus (Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality) – Local Coordinators