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Public Toilet Strategy for Düsseldorf

A Comprehensive Concept for the Provision of Public Toilets in the City of Düsseldorf


Europe and Northern America




Citywide Planning and Urban Transformation

Analysis of demand and needs

Project Details


  • Düsseldorf (Germany)


  • Commission


  • Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf Amt für Gebäudemanagement (Amt 23)


  • Zebralog GmbH



The provision of public toilets contributes significantly to the quality and accessibility of a city’s public space.

It influences how we move around in the city and also whether restrictions arise for some groups of people.

Public toilet in Düsseldorf

TSPA has developed a city-wide concept for the City of Düsseldorf for the demand-oriented supply of public toilets in the city area.

The official project report provides an in-depth analysis of key outcomes

Concept Development

The development of the concept involved understanding the existing conditions through an inventory analysis, the sources of demand, and then the potential locations. The concept was also informed by Interviews and workshops, to further understand the priorities, the weaknesses, and the supply gaps.

Process for the development of the concept

An Integrated Approach

In collaboration with Zebralog, existing needs for the entire city together with new locations and measures were identified. To achieve uniform quality and an overall picture for the city we proposed and prioritised toilet locations using evaluation criteria, general standards for the site; equipment and design of the toilet facilities.

We identified priority topics as guidelines. Then, we accompanied the policies with the involvement of interest groups and parts of the city of Düsseldorf’s administration. We incorporated the contents of the study into the empirical and spatial analysis of Düsseldorf’s supply situation. For this exercise, we used maps, city data, and comparisons with other cities to develop a sustainable concept.

Map representing the weighting of the sources of demand and localising supply gaps

As a result, the number of publicly accessible toilets in Düsseldorf will be increased to 200 locations.